Woman at Global Disability Recall Center due to defective airbag

       A Cummings woman was involved in a massive airbag recall after a faulty airbag left her disfigured.
        According to WSB-TV, in October 2013, Brandy Brewer was on Highway 400 when he lightly rear-ended another vehicle, getting stuck in traffic. It’s usually just a scratch on the bumper, but the Takata airbag in Brewer’s 2013 Chevy Cruze blew up anyway. (warning: graphic in link)
        The airbag flew out of the steering column, deflated and flew into the back seat of the Cruze. As a result of a malfunction, shrapnel entered the car, and Brewer lost his left eye.
        Defective Takata airbags have killed two people and injured 30 people in Honda vehicles, with the New York Times reporting at least 139 injuries. Takata airbags are installed in dozens of vehicle makes and models, and the recall affects more than 24 million vehicles worldwide.
       At first, Takata expressed outrage at the recall and allegations of defective products, calling the Times’ claims “mostly accurate”.
       Brewer and her lawyers say the Takata recall is not enough and are pushing for stronger and broader action to ensure the lives of drivers and passengers are not endangered.
       When parts became scarce in October, some Toyota dealers were ordered to turn off the passenger side airbag in the affected vehicles and place large “No Sit Here” signs on the dashboard, according to Car and Driver.
        CNN reported that Takata used ammonium nitrate to inflate airbags sealed in metal containers to prevent accidents. Significant temperature changes from hot to cold destabilize the ammonium nitrate and cause metal canisters to explode and hit the car like a shotgun on light contact with another vehicle; investigators investigating airbag deaths say the victims look like they’ve been hurt or hurt.
        In lieu of a nationwide recall of its airbags, Takata announced that it would form a six-member independent commission to study the company’s manufacturing practices and recommend best practices for the company going forward. Takata President Stefan Stocker resigned on December 24, and the company’s three senior directors voted in favor of a 50% pay cut.

Post time: Jul-24-2023